Working with couples or separated couples who need the space, structure and guidance to have a difficult conversation but who may not need the full family dispute resolution service.

Sometimes this involves couples who are still together, living under one roof, but who are exploring separation and what this might mean for their family. This is not therapy, rather it helps people discuss what their family and finances might look like should they separate, or what it might take practically to get a relationship and marriage back on track. This includes providing relevant referrals to health professionals, marriage counsellors or individual therapists.

Multi party mediations - family or business:

Working with groups or extended families, Gloria has experience managing multi party dynamics. This includes managing competing needs, personalities and goals throughout the process to help the team or family reach a negotiated outcome and result.

Divorce coaching:

Working 1:1 with a client to provide support at any stage of separation and divorce, including when they are involved in litigation. Much of the knowledge and research gathered as part of the Parenting Beyond Separation course can be delivered and shared during divorce coaching sessions.

Many clients who seek coaching are looking for practical communications advice about how to better interact with the other co parent, this might involve help reviewing emails, texts etc to provide a more constructive way to interact, make requests and reach agreements relating to children.

Having conducted a wide range of workplace mediations over the last 7 years, Gloria has worked with listed companies, family businesses, universities, private colleges, legal services, retailers and local councils to conduct mediations where employees have had a break down in communication, are in conflict and need a plan to help them repair and move forward.

Workplace mediations:

Workplace Investigations:

When organisations receive serious complaints from employees and mediation is not appropriate, Gloria has worked an an independent third party to conduct an investigation into employee allegations, most typically bullying and discrimination. This involves receiving a briefing from the HR manager, identifying interviewees, conducting interviews, reviewing the complaint procedures in place and providing a finding and report to outline the outcome and recommendations.