Fiona R.

“Thanks Gloria for helping us in these challenging times.

Your professionalism and expertise came together to help us unlock this situation.”

Daniel M.

“Thank you for your support and guidance. I understand why you are so highly regarded. I appreciated your counsel and the way you handled what was quite difficult at times in our session.”

Naomi L.

“I really want to thank you for today. I’ve been dreading it but you made the process as good as it
could be. 

I was feeling very anxious going into today’s session, and whilst I don’t deny that at times I felt frustrated and angry, at no time did I feel uncomfortable and I think that comes down you you guiding us, being calm, rational and compassionate to us both. 

So, thank you. I feel better for having been able to voice my concerns.”

James R.

“Thank you for helping us reach our settlement on Thursday, I feel an immense sense of relief.

You were organised, fair and took the time to understand both of our concerns and goals.”